outboard_yellow concept

How can we best serve the maritime market? By offering innovations that improve the qualities that the industry need most. By providing cost-saving solutions and unsurpassed performance, durability, reliability and strength. The OXE Diesel was developed with these goals in mind.

Founding the OXE Diesel really started  with a simple enough idea: take an automotive diesel engine that has proven its worth through millions of miles in production cars. Mount this engine horizontally. And then build its maritime equivalent from that starting point.

OXE is the world’s first high performance diesel outboard engine. It meets and exceeds the demands of the maritime market, as it was designed to cope with high torque outputs from modern powerheads even in the harshest of conditions.

When it comes to performance, durability, reliability, fuel-efficiency and low emissions, OXE now sets the bar.

OXE is the Swedish name for ox. The significant qualities of this robust animal reflect the fundamental concepts from which this engine was developed – reliability, strength, and endurance. OXE is also a tribute to the relentless effort of the team of manufacturer Cimco Marine AB, that built this fierce and reliable product. OXE is a name we are proud to distribute.

outboard_yellow performance

OXE was designed to last. Its efficient modern diesel engine and the robust transmission ensure durability and increased range of operation. But there’s more. OXE eliminates bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilizing the innovative belt technology for high torque transfer. The slim submerged part of the tail module gives less drag, reduces fuel consumption and increases speed. In addition, OXE has longer service and overhaul intervals:

SERVICE INTERVAL                  200 h 

OVERHAUL INTERVAL          2000 h

Longer service intervals mean lower maintenance costs and longer operation times. Longer TBO times means life cycle costs are kept to a minimum.

Diesel provides higher efficiency and torque, generates enhanced acceleration and lowers fuel consumption. The OXE power head is significantly more efficient than gasoline engines, e.g., the OXE Diesel 200hp consumes 42% less fuel than a comparable modern 200hp 2-stroke outboard. The lower housing is optimised for low drag, which reduces fuel consumption even further. The result: increased operating range, longer refuelling intervals and reduced fuel costs.

Moreover, diesel is widely available and less flammable than gasolines, making it safer to work with in hazardous environments. OXE complies with the NATO ‘single-fuel’ directive, with diesel being the solution of choice for both commercial and governmental, rescue and military applications.

The OXE allows its operators to go from full speed ahead to instant reverse in one go. It’s one of the unique features of OXE – you can be sure a crash stop will not leave you with a broken gearbox. The innovative electronics of OXE ensure a paced, safe and swift crash stop.

Technical data - OXE 200 HP

Engine type: Diesel, L4
Displacement: 2.0 L
Intake: Turbocharged, intercooled
Torque: 415 Nm at 2500 rpm
Power: 200 HP at 4100 rpm
Fuel: Diesel
Weight: 350 kg
Alternator output: 130 Amp
Rig length: 20″, 25″ or 30″
Cooling: Closed cooling circuit
Starting: Electric
Steering: Electronic Power Steering
Shift: Electro-hydraulic
Clutch: Hydraulic Multi-friction plate
Gear ratios: 1.73:1 and 2.17:1
Dimensions 25″ leg LHW 994 x 1880 x 678 mm

outboard_yellow modular design

The state-of-the-art OXE diesel engine was developed in close collaboration with leading Swedish manufacturers from the marine, automotive and aeronautical industry. From start to finish durability, endurance and performance were its developers’ primary goals. Their efforts not only resulted in a power unit that combines a patented technology-based drive unit with proven conventional diesel technology, but also in the characteristic maintenance-friendly modular design of the OXE.

  • Horizontal automotive diesel engine with a proven design
  • Engine-to-gearbox belt transmission with changeable gear ratio
  • Electro-hydraulically controlled gearbox
  • Patented high torque belt drive
  • Easy access to all parts individually, no disassembly necessary
  • Anti-vibration engine adapter plate to endure tough conditions
  • Interchangeable with existing petrol outboards in the same power range

outboard_yellow diesel engine

The OXE engine is a silent marinized modern automotive engine. It generates high torque and has all service points at the front of the unit. This smart and marine operations-proof redesign enables you to comfortably execute your regular small service and maintenance jobs on the water. The dry sump system ensures continual oil flow in heavy seas and during tilting and trimming situations.

The OXE powerhead is a proven robust diesel design developed by GM group. It is mounted horizontally and marinized with a closed circuit coolant system inspired by modern inboard technology. Need a high power alternator and/or cabin heating for cold weather use? No problem with OXE.

The engine is a turbo charged diesel engine with high pressure direct fuel injection. The GM engine has been converted for marine application and uses separate systems for seawater, heat exchangers, intercooler and oil cooler and functionality. This safeguards that both the engine, electrical system, fuel system and air intake can weather all maritime conditions. The use of highly refined automotive based engine technology provides for industry leading emission levels that comply with: EPA TIER 3, IMO TIER 2 and RCD.

Diesel fuel for marine propulsion has well known advantages, the obvious being enhanced acceleration at low revs and a much lower fuel consumption. The engine runs on EN590, ASTM D 975, NATO F76, F75, F54, Marine destillats DMX and DMA fuel ensuring high flexibility.

Moreover, safety is important in hazardous environments. Because diesel is less flammable, it is safer to work with. The OXE Diesel was designed to be safe in any environment.

The lower fuel consumption and the hydro dynamically optimized lower housing increase range, grant greater distances to be covered safely and make for prolonged operational time between refuelling.

outboard_yellow transmission

The patented belt drive of OXE ensures fully scalable torque transfer without affecting the hydrodynamics. The technology incorporated in the belt propulsion unit offers a transmission solution that is normally only found in inboard applications.

Thanks to its primary belt, the OXE operator can change the gear ratio of the unit to fit various demands and driving styles, including high acceleration and high speed. By switching the orientation of the primary belt housing, the user can change the gear ratio between 1.73:1 and 2.17:1. Designed as a separate unit, the primary belt is easy to maintain and replace.

The OXE gear box is a robust electro-hydraulically operated system with two multi-plate-clutch packages that allows for high torque and power transfer. It’s mounted separately under the powerhead, but still above the waterline. As such, it is:

  • protected from any damage should the unit run aground;
  • designed to withstand crash stops;
  • operates both clockwise and counter clockwise with same strength.

OXE features Low Speed Control (LSC), a revolutionary system that enables unprecedented control while mooring and low speed manoeuvring. LSC incorporates an electro-hydraulically operated clutch that ensures smooth shifting between neutral, forward and reverse.

LSC features sensor controlled propeller speed allowing for seamless control from zero to maximum rpm. A dream come true for trolling fishermen, search and rescue operations and patrolling units, but also for those who may not need, but still want full manoeuvrability even below 3-4 knots.

Modern engines are about higher torque and power transfer, about endurance, efficiency and reliability. That’s why OXE is built with an innovative Belt Propulsion Unit. This BPU eliminates the use of weaker bevel gears that are commonly found in outboards and stern drives.

The OXE BPU is based on the latest belt technology. It not only supports increased torque transfer to the propeller, but also allows for smaller torpedoes and a slimmer submerged module. The unit reduces drag, saves fuel, helps increase speed and… leaves the gear-driven competition far behind.