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Outboard Diesel b.v.

Outboard Diesel b.v. is the proud official and exclusive distributor for OXE Diesel engines in the Benelux area. Our aim is to always deliver to the highest standard and add value with everything we undertake. Like the OXE Diesel engine. We strongly believe that this exceptional outboard marine diesel engine checks every box when it comes to quality: excellent performance, innovative engine and transmission technology, practical modular design, fuel efficiency and high reliability. Added value.

Our team

Our experienced and skilled team are conveniently based near Rotterdam, the Netherlands and service a varied and extensive network of workboat users in every corner of the Benelux.

Our customers
OXE Diesel was developed with heavy duty commercial users in mind. Frequent and heavy users, who must be able to rely on their equipment at all times. Workboat users, often operating in the harshest conditions. They simply need their equipment to be designed to weather those occasions.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us now. We will gladly tell you all about the OXE and what we can do for you.

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